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  3. Hi all,

    My name is Nappies, I've recently come up with a new reality show based on Love Island and other TV Shows.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to find E-love and match and dump each other, this game has more of a challenge strike to it mixed with eliminations, it includes Islanders game playing and making the best connections within team members to succeed further into the game.

    So here is how Boon Island works and how to apply:


    About the Game:

    Boon Island is based on UK Reality TV Show (Love Island), however there is more game based playing within the game...
    The game begins with 6 Islanders who pick a team from Snakes or Tiger in a secret vote. The more the better on each team, however each day a new Islander will arrive on the Island.
    The teams will battle it out to win challenges, the winning team will win the new Islander to their team, however winning also gains power for Islanders to swap over to the losing team, this is when game play and strategics with other team members is important.

    After the winning team has won, they will be sent to a Ceremony, this is when the winning team votes in secret to stay with their team or move to the other team.

    Having team members is important and the game can change at any time, The Snakes could have 8 Islanders and the Tigers could have 3, however the Ceremony could change everything, 4 Islanders could swap to The Tigers Team = 7 Team Members on The Tigers and only 4 remain on the Snakes. This is why talking and working with other members of the teams and your teams is important.

    You don't want to be the team with the least amount of members, otherwise you will pack your page, set sail and never look back on the island.

    How does someone win?

    When all Islanders have entered, there will be one final ceremony,
    This ceremony could change the whole game, meaning any amount of Islanders can swap teams, the team with the least amount of team members, are all sent home.
    The team that wins, will stay on the Island, where they begin to play for themselves and the public will vote to evict a Islander day by day until 3 remain.

    How to Apply?
    Boon Name:
    Nickname (Name you want to be known as):
    What is your best boon gaming skills? (Example: You're very quick at Banzai games, or you're very good at answering quizzes)
    What kind of role would you be present in your team?

    If you have any questions about the game, inbox me!!!
    Nappies x

    *Remember this is not a role playing game, this is about doing challenges and talking with members of the groups to make it further in the game.

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