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  3. Introducing Hotel Alerted Event Rules!
    The management are implementing these rules for hotel alerted events, events alerted by the staff team need to meet our expectation and be fair to all users. This is very important for those who are Gold VIP and wish to host events.​
    1. You cannot chat with the users involved in the game over any other service than Habboon.
      This is to prevent the host from rigging the event for friends by communicating with them.

    2. You cannot ban users from your event room, ever.
      This is to prevent the host from room banning users they dislike.

    3. You cannot let friends or other users have rights in your event room when you are hosting.
      This is to prevent users with rights taking advantage and kicking others, opening gates etc.

    4. You cannot let friends host for you, whoever's name is in the hotel alert is the only user to host.
      Whoever's name is in the hotel alert is responsible for their events and will receive the warnings, your friends cannot host under your name.

    5. You must use your own room to host in.
      You should be using your own room, this is to keep it simple and easier to control.

    6. You must host for 30 minutes or longer before ending your events.
      You should be committed to hosting for at least 30 minutes before you request a hotel alert, we won't waste hotel alerts for small events, maximum hosting time is 90 minutes.

    7. You must pay full attention and keep your events in order.
      You should be aware of what's going on and maintaining your event, always keep your eye out for users cheating and keep the game as fair as possible.

    8. Your event room needs to be fully functional without glitches.
      You should not have a faulty event room, it should be appealing to users and an appropriate size.

    9. Only applies to mixed events: Don't attempt to host something you don't know how to.
      For example, trivia can be complicated to host. If you aren't confident about it, you shouldn't host it.

    10. Do not intentionally disrupt or cheat in official quests or events, including events hotel alerted by the staff team.
    What are the consequences?
    If you break the rules, depending on the severity and on which rule you broke, you will be given an in-game warning and receive a caution on our 'caution list', if you do again you will receive your final in-game warning and a second caution. Any offense after that will result in you being disallowed from hotel alerts and your final caution.

    Can I get a caution removed?
    At the start of a new month, we will remove a caution from every user, this is the only way to get a caution removed.
    If you receive a caution in the last week of a month you will not get one removed.

    With this we hope to ensure well-rounded events without a lot of complaints, events are for every user to have a fair chance of winning and to be enjoyed by all!
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